My reference shelf

Since moving, most of my books (and I hoard books) remain in boxes. But there are some I had to have out. Today, I thought I’d look at the contents of my ‘reference shelf’. I welcome suggestions for other books that may be of use.

Some of the books on the shelf I’ll skip over for now as they are not strictly reference books.

My reference shelf

From left-to-right we have:

The Inner Bird
RSPB Where to discover nature
Collins Complete Guide to British Animals
101 Golden Rules of Birdwatching
Small Woodland Creatures
Collins Guide to British Insects
Collins Complete Guide to British Wildlife
British Mesozoic Fossils
Collins Field Guide to Spiders
The Jurassic Flora of Yorkshire
Collins Bird Guide
Complete British Wild Flowers
Collins Tree Guide
Collins Bird Guide
Animal Tracks and Signs
Collins Flower Guide
English Wild Flowers
Collins Nature Guides – Trees

As I say, I’ve skipped a few there, that I may talk about in a future blog. But I find that little lot gives me a decent starting point for anything I need help with. We’ve got a fungi guide too, but that’s not in the picture.

Some of the books are photographic guides, which I’m not actually a great fan of. You’d think photos would be better than pictures, but all you need is a bad picture, or one of a slightly anomalous bird, to throw you. A good representative set of illustrations is far better in my opinion.

Any books you recommend? What can you not live without?

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3 Responses to My reference shelf

  1. I love seeing stuff like this! I may have to do my own version. Thanks for sharing!

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