Fungi – The joys of autumn

Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria

Probably the best thing about getting outside into any wooded area in autumn, even more so than the glorious parade of autumnal colours, is a good fungi foray.

I’m not for one minute suggesting you should collect and eat wild mushrooms, there are too many pitfalls, too many similar-looking species that can make you very, very ill. But a trip out, seeing how many different species you can spot, is very rewarding. With a group of friends or family, you can even make a game of it.

Here are a few I found on a walk round Harlaw Reservoir:

Bracket Fungus, Coriolus versicolor

Jelly Babies, Leotia lubrica

Yellow Stags-horn, Calocera viscosa

Those are just a few of about 25 species we found in an hour or so, but hopefully enough to inspire you to see what you can find in a nearby wood.

Added to that, and this is something I’ll go on and on about, it’s good for your health and wellbeing. We spend far too much time indoors, and don’t get enough exercise. When we do exercise far too many people do so in a gym, when research shows that the same effort outdoors, ‘green exercise’, is better for you.

Of course, you don’t need to go far to see great fungi. I spotted this growing in clusters at the foot of an oak outside my house:

Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare

It’s probably Sulphur Tuft (and thanks to the people at Wild About Britain for their help with the ID).

Have you seen any good fungi recently?

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