Waxwings and Fairy Wrens – A news round-up

I thought I’d just round-up a few things of interest.
Waxwings: The anticipated waxwing invasion seems well underway, with reports from most parts of Scotland and England now, including a 250+ flock in York. I had my first sighting in Leeds on Saturday as 20-25 flew overhead. They seemed to be avoiding a Sparrowhawk. Can’t say I blame them, the Sparrowhawk is unlikely to go “Well, they’re just too pretty to eat…”. I tried to find them in Roundhay Park the next day, but no luck. Nuthatches galore though, and I’ve found a great secluded spot for Kingfishers too. I’ll return with the camera at some point.

Fairy Wren Passwords: If you didn’t see this, it’s well worth a read. Fairy Wrens teach their eggs a ‘password’ tweet, so they can distinguish their own offspring from that of cuckoos.

RSPB Reserves 2012: The RSPB Reserves 2012 report (pdf) is out, and well worth a read.

Fungi ID: The Woodland Trust have a handy fungi ID sheet (pdf) available if you are out on a foray.

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