Wednesday Website of the Week No.4 – Jake’s Bones

Since I mentioned it earlier this week, I thought the WWOW may as well be Jake’s Bones.

Jake McGowan-Lowe is a remarkable young man, and has been featured on Autumnwatch as a result. He collects skulls and bones, and has since he was 6. He started blogging at 7, and is now 10. His level of knowledge is already better than a lot of adult naturalists I’ve met. He talks about how to collect, and how to prepare specimens.

He doesn’t just blog about his collection, he blogs generally on wildlife. He also likes exploring ruins, and often talks about that too.

The moment I knew Jake was worth keeping an eye on was when he blogged in April about a Golden Eagle skull he’d been offered. The presence of mind to investigate, then document, the legalities of the potential object is truly exceptional. Sadly, I’ve met museum curators who lack such conscientiousness.

As I made clear in an earlier post, it’s vital we encourage young people to take more of an interest in the natural world. When I was Jake’s age, I was on a now-defunct TV programme called Why Don’t You? I hope more people look at Jake, especially after his TV appearance, because he’s a great example to other youngsters. He’s also an object lesson for parents that are squeamish or nervous about letting their kids collect in nature.

So, check out his blog. You won’t regret it.

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