Why watch wildlife? – What’s to come in 2013

Apologies for the month of silence, I hope I haven’t lost too many followers in the meanwhile. One or two factors have caused this, which I won’t go into, but hopefully normal service will now be resumed.

I’ve a lot I want to do in 2013, so I though for the first post of the year I’d lay out some of my aims and ambitions, so you know what is coming up.

The blog so far has been pretty ornitho-centric, and this will change. Into spring I’ll be focusing on cold-blooded animals with newts and snakes getting some attention. In particular I’ll be heading for the moors to photograph Adders, so that should be worthwhile.

I’ve always wanted to pay more attention to butterflies and moths, so as I l;earn more there, it’ll be shared here!

I’ll also be indulging my frst loves, palaeontology and geology, and will run series of posts on geology and landscape, on Yorkshire fossils, and on why geology matters.

There will continue to be the ‘opinion piece’ posts as I try express my thoughts on the value of watching wildlife, and on the relationship of nature to human culture. Subjects such as culling, hunting, farming, and land management will all feature.

I’ll be experimenting for the first time with video later this year too, and have a couple of specific subjects in mind for these posts.

I’m hoping to persuade some people to ‘guest blog’ too, and if you’d be interested in writing something please let me know.

Birds won’t miss out though. One of my first objectives for the year is to get a good photo of a Kingfisher. I’ve found a spot I know they are, and reckon I should be able to settle myself in and get a few pics.

I’ll also be focusing on Gulls later in the year, there will be more on garden birds too, and on the corvids (crows and magpies).

Monday Bird of the Week and Wednesday Website of the Week will resume and run through the year.

I’ll hopefully be driving as we get into Spring, so that will lead to a lot more trips out, and reports here on what I’ve seen on sites. Plus there’ll be all the stuff I can’t predict now, prompted by what happens around me, in the media, or prompted by readers.

Finally, I’ll be running a 2013 bird list this year. I’m not normally a ‘lister’, as I’ve said before, but I think it’s helpful for the blog.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or even challenges, feel free to share them.


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