Wednesday Website of the Week No.7 – The Big Garden Birdwatch

Bit of a cheat this one, I’m using the WWOW to flag up a sub-section of a website.

Big Garden Birdwatch.

The Big Garden Birdwatch is an excellent initiative that has been running since 1979. But in the last few years, with the internet in full swing, it has really taken off.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. You can download counting sheets, advice, and anything else you need from the website. You then pick an hour, and count all the unique bird sightings you make in that hour.

It’s a great example of ‘Citizen Science’ as the data you collect and supply helps shape our understanding of which birds are thriving, and which are struggling.

I always find the hour I big for the BGW is cursed, and if I had a flurry of activity just before I started, you can guarantee it’ll be back to one solitary sparrow by the time I start! But I’m sure you’ll have more luck.

The BGW takes place on January 26-27, so please do register at the website and take part. There’s plenty more info on there, including details on how to do the BGW as a group or school.

I’ll be posting my data here too, so if you also want to share what you saw, it’ll be good to hear from you. My prediction is: Blue Tit (2), House Sparrow (5), Chaffinch (1), Robin (1), Magpie (3)

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