Rooftop Plovers

When I was living in Bolton, one thing that always amazed me was the way you would find, all across Greater Manchester, flocks of plover on industrial rooftops. The numbers could get pretty significant with 200-300 Lapwing and up to 100 Golden Plover on a single rooftop.

This came up the other day on Twitter in regard to BBC Winterwatch and their focus on urban wildlife. I’ve always been disappointed that they’ve yet to cover such an amazing urban spectacle.

But, I said I’d post some images, so I have. Sadly I’ve none of a really big flock, but you can get a flavour of it in these few pics from October 2009:

A line of Lapwing, Bolton, 2009

A line of Lapwing, Bolton, 2009

A closer shot of the Lapwings

A closer shot of the Lapwings

Roosting Lapwing

Roosting Lapwing

Spot the Golden Plover!

Spot the Golden Plover!


I also frequently saw the Lapwing flock around the town tip, circling the big towers of the burner.

Anyone got any other good urban wildlife?

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2 Responses to Rooftop Plovers

  1. James Corner says:

    Well I never …

    This is a new one on me; thanks.

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