Snowtracks – Not a lot of luck!

Well, as I said yesterday, I went out to see if I could see much in the snow in Leeds. Sadly, we’ve not really had the promised snow here, so there’s just a light, compacted layer. So it’s mainly dogs and their walkers. But here are a couple of images I did grab:


Brown Rat (Rattus norveigicus) foot print

There’d been a bit of rat action around, and the pic above was about the clearest single print I could find. But there were signs of some indecipherable action too:

Somebody has done something here...

Somebody has done something here…

There’s rat and dog in there, though I don’t think at the same time. I suspect the rat was having a dig about, trying to find some food.

The rat tracks led to a woodpile, and there were various scratches, as well as bird prints, to be found there:







So, plenty of action there, but hard to really figure out who or what! Hopefully if we get more snow tonight or tomorrow, I can sneak out and get some more interesting pictures. There are foxes around us and I’d like to get them snapped.

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