Siskins in Wyke Beck Woods, and a beautiful Red Kite

Had a wander up through Wyke Beck Woods for the second weekend in a row. The light was much better, but sadly most of the birds weren’t coming out to bask in the sunshine. I put it down to sledging kids, and the guy taking a massive chainsaw to his hedge.

Anyway, we got welcomed to the wood by this Robin, singing his little head off:


It may seem robins sing for the sheer joy of it, but it’s actually all about territory. That sweet little song is telling other robins to stay clear.

Shortly afterwards we also spotted some Goldfinches up in the tops of some Alders. But a closer inspection yielded a pleasant surprise; not just Goldfinches, Siskins (Carduelis spinus) too. Sadly, they were at quite a distance, so not many good images. But here are a couple to give you an idea:


Between 10 and 12 birds in total, about half-and-half Siskin/Goldfinch.

There were plenty of over-excited Grey Squirrels, chasing each other all over the trees, often three at a time. Also saw (and mainly heard) Nuthatches, plus plenty of tits, Blackbirds, and Wood Pigeons.

Just as we left the wood to walk home, a Red Kite came low over our heads. I know I’ve featured them before, but just a few shots of this gorgeous bird of prey:



And the last one, just to show how tricky it is to get a soaring Red Kite in frame:


* Apologies for flecks and marks on the images, the melting snow played havoc with keeping the lens clean and clear!

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3 Responses to Siskins in Wyke Beck Woods, and a beautiful Red Kite

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Impressed by your Kite photos, my photos of birds of prey always end up as a tiny dark blob against the sky!

    • David says:

      Thanks. I get my fair share of blurred blobs, but I tend to take a lot of pics. Odds are then on my side there’ll be one or two good images.

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