The Big Garden Birdwatch – My results

As promised, the results of my BGB efforts…

Yesterday at about 3pm I settled down with a cup of tea for an hour’s garden bird watching. It was an odd one.

For the vast majority of the hour, there was nothing. But in one five minute spell, simultaneously, there was:

3 Blackbirds (1 male, 2 female)

4 House Sparrows (2m 2f)

4 Long-tailed Tits

2 Blue Tits

1 Dunnock

1 Robin

I saw a couple of magpies too (nothing on the 21 I saw in a single tree the other day), and the dunnock and blackbirds popped back, but that was the count.

I’ve submitted my results HERE, and if you haven’t yet, there’s still time!

Incidentally I had a look today too, in the wind, post-melt. Nothing. Not a dickie bird (literally). Amazing how 24 hours could skew results that way.

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