Spring is sprung! Wait, hang on…

Apologies for the month-long silence. I haven’t given up on the blog, just been busy, then unwell, then busy! Still not ready to get things running smoothly, but I’ll try make sure there’s at least one post a week from now on till I relaunch properly in mid-late April. With a new garden, a new birding patch, and a forthcoming trip to the Scottish Highlands, there’ll soon be a glut of good stuff to post about. I’ve also passed my driving test, so once I get a car that’ll see a lot more ‘field trips’ covered here.

The last few weeks have been wonderful, with the sights and sounds of birds thinking about nesting and breeding. Only a couple of days ago I was listening to Blue and Great Tits, Robins, Dunnocks, Blackbirds, and Wrens making all manner of “look at me!” calls, with a smattering of the birdy equivalent of “get off my lawn!”

Many birds are nest-building, and the local corvids can be seen carting massive amounts of material around. The magpies in particular are entertaining here, dismantling last years nest, moving it a foot away in the same tree, then starting again.

Not only that, but reports from the South coast suggest the first migrants are returning too. Spring is truly upon us…

Of course, this morning they’ll all have been in for a shock as much of the country wakes to a blanket of snow, with a really white weekend ahead. Hopefully not too many birds have laid early clutches of eggs. Hopefully not too many insects have emerged early from hibernation. Hopefully anybody who took their feeders down, figuring winter had passed, is getting food back out there. The birds still need it (I feed year round anyway).

I’m sure the real spring is on the horizon.


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