Wildlife bonanza

It’s been a while, but finally I’m moved and ready to kick-on with the blog.

I’ve been delighted with the wildlife prospects at the new place. We’ve found evidence of three old nests in hedges, and currently have a nesting pair of Blackbirds, and a Wren converting an old swallow nest into his own des-res. Plenty of other ‘pairs’ around too, including Blue and Great Tits, Treecreepers, House Sparrows, Dunnocks, and Robins.

We’ve got regular hedgehogs, at least one male and one female, visiting the garden. We’ve also got water voles in the river across the road, and bats on an evening.

Spring is definitely here, I’ve seen/heard my first Swallows, Chiffchaffs, and a Whitethroat.

All this is without really exploring the local area, getting any feeders up, or even doing any work on the blank canvas of a garden we’ve acquired. With plenty of neighbouring habitats, it should be a real wildlife bonanza in years to come.

This weekend I’m going to try document the wren/swallow nest and will share some images, and a bit of info about what he’s up to.

I’m also starting to plan for next month’s trip to Scotland, and will hopefully be visiting the London Wetlands Centre next month too.

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2 Responses to Wildlife bonanza

  1. Emily Heath says:

    The London wetlands centre is great, I love watching the otters there.

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