Updated year list, and planning for Scotland

Year List

I’ve updated the Year List page to include recent influxes of warblers (Whitethroat, Blackcap, and Chiffchaff), and add the finches that have appeared on the garden feeders. I’ve also added the hirundines (Swallows and Martins) I’ve seen since, and Swift as I’ve seen them too. Always now Spring is finally here once they are on the list. A trip to Kendal also yielded Goosander and Dipper on the Kent, as always.

It’s good to be over 50 birds for the year despite the fact I’ve had no real chance to go birding yet. Hopefully the list will explode when I get back from Scotland!

Planning for Scotland

The long-gestating Scotland trip is nearly here. I set off next Tuesday morning for Onich, and we’ll then move across and spend time on Ardnarmurchan Point and then across to Mull. Much of the trip will be walking and birding, so I’ll be posting daily updates on sightings, then doing two/three big posts when I’m back with pictures of (hopefully…) Sea and Golden Eagles, Otters, and Crested Tits. Plus anything else I find. Should be fun.

London Wetlands Centre

If all goes to plan, I’ll be warming up for Scotland with a trip to the WWT London Wetlands Centre on Saturday. I’ve always wanted to visit, and hopefully I’ll have time to blog about it properly before I head North.

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1 Response to Updated year list, and planning for Scotland

  1. Emily Heath says:

    The London Wetlands Centre is great! Especially the otters. I have some photos from a reptile walk I went on there on my blog: http://adventuresinbeeland.com/2012/09/09/nothing-hotter-than-an-otter/

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