Scotland day four – Across to Mull

Had a really sharp start and made it over to Salen on Mull by 9:30. The weather wasn’t great, very grey and wet, and the ferry yielded little bar a solitary diver. However, the run to the ferry did better my ‘best ever view’ of a buzzard.

We’ve set Tobermory as a base and had a walk to the lighthouse this afternoon. This gave us our first guillemots, and or first eider ducks, of the trip. I also had a remarkably tame field vole pop out.

At the lighthouse we had the ever-present oystercatcher, sandpiper, and rock pipit. We also got to watch a buzzard and a raven fight for about 15 minutes. On a different scale, two chaffinches tried to steal food from the mouth of a willow warbler.

Tomorrow we are heading for Calgary Bay, then on Sunday I’m doing Staffa and the Treshnish Isles.

I’ve found a pub with wifi, do fingers crossed updates should come both days!


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