Scotland day three – Kentra Bay and Arivegeig

Today we headed to Archaracle and then across to Kentra Bay.

The morning held a surprise with the arrival of two wild, yet tame, young male Red Deer in the campsite. They obliged for some nice photos, though I was careful to respect their boundaries!

The trip to Kentra Bay gave us razorbill, common sandpiper, and yet more oystercatcher and rock pipit.

We continued to be beset on all sides by the sound, but not the sight, of cuckoos. The entire UK population seems to be here. At one point I was starting to think we were being followed by a local with a tape recording, but I finally clocked one through the scope to prove they were real!

Our trip into the forest near Arivegeig wasn’t so successful, with lots of little birds heard, but both Crested Tit and Crossbill proved elusive.

The trip back to Resipole gave me my best ever view of a buzzard, sadly from the moving car. The deer were still in camp when we returned, and there were terns and razorbill on the loch.

It was the first time I’ve heard razorbill. A lot like the ‘merrh’ of puffins. A bit like two old men, moaning that the world used to be better, and agreeing with each other it’s all terrible.

Tomorrow we head off for Mull and Tobermory, gone to popular kids programme ‘Balamory’. Fingers crossed we’ll get something good from the Ferry.

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