Human activity – Unforseen impacts

Just a quick post to highlight a story you may have missed.

I’ve often talked about the obvious conservation stuff, and about how our obsession with growth harms the natural ecosystems of the planet. But impacts may occur a step or two down the chain.

A recent news story has highlighted that Snow Leopards, already one of the most endangered species on the planet, are facing another pressure due to the trade in cashmere.

Apparently the demand for this wool is causing more natural antelope habitat to be converted to goat farms, removing the leopards food source. This hits the leopards, but the problem is exacerbated when the leopards, desperate for food, come down and prey on the goats. Farmers then take action against the big cats.

95% of the forage across the Tibetan plateau is now consumed by livestock, and this risks wiping out the indigenous wildlife.

You can help by looking at the source of clothes you buy, and avoiding cashmere from this area.

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