Signs of Autumn too

For all that I’ve talked about Summer birds hanging on (and I didn’t even mention the bats), we’ve seen signs of autumn too.

The tits are starting to form mixed flocks, and on a morning we often have a mob of 40-50 Blue, Great and Long-Tailed tits moving between the trees. Sometimes accompanied by mildly confused baby goldfinches, and the odd chiffchaff!

We’ve also had one visit from what I expect to be a more regular visitor, a Great-Spotted Woodpecker:

SONY DSCAs is usually the case with GSWs, she was quite nervy and always watching the skies. She did one thing I’ve not seen though. Preferring the tray as opposed to a hanging feeder, she spread herself across it as if she was protecting the food:

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCShe eventually moved up onto a fatball feeder though, which gave a more classic view:

SONY DSCHopefully we’ll get more Woodpeckers as the autumn and winter play out. With farmland, a river, and woodland nearby, I think we could get some real surprises as the seasons progress.

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