A fascinating article on rewilding Britain

I don’t entirely agree with everything in it, but George Monbiot has written a fascinating piece on the reluctance of many to ‘rewild’ Britain. It’s well worth a read.

I’m a big supporter of the concept of ‘rewilding’, and I’d be in favour of trialling reintroductions of species such as bear, wolf and lynx.

I don’t however agree that the nation is ‘zoophobic’. I think if people were given the facts, the majority would support such trials. The problem is, the media and the ruling classes are keen to paint any such ideas as coming from a lunatic fringe. After all, if you own land and draw income from farming, shooting etc, why would you want to introduce a predator other than yourself? We can see this in their disproportionate persecution of existing predators such as raptors, foxes, and badgers. In this aspect, George’s article is spot on.

Anyway, regardless of your opinion, take the time to give it a read.

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2 Responses to A fascinating article on rewilding Britain

  1. dad says:

    There is no way in todays Britain bears and wolves could roam free I am afraid they have been out grown by the human population Britain is not the wilds of Canada

    • David says:

      Funny thing is though, studies elsewhere in Europe of the space required to maintain a population of wolves show that you could have a pack in Scotland.

      Bears might be trickier.

      Lynx would seem the best bet, especially if beavers are allowed to thrive.

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