Thrush Survey – How many birds did you see?

Yesterday I gave you this picture, and asked how many birds you could see:

How many birds can you see here?

How many birds can you see here? I make it 31…

By my count, there are 31 Redwing in the picture. They are all Redwing, no Fieldfare or Mistle Thrushes. So congratulations to Jon for getting the right answer.

In total over the hour or so we were out, we counted about 40 Redwing plus a couple of Mistle Thrushes. There were also plenty of Crows, Magpies, and Wood Pigeons, plus assorted tit species. We also had a male Sparrowhawk chasing the Redwing low across the pasture.

The relative success of a decent count was offset when I stepped into a sucking muddy bog and came away minus the sole of my boot! A very wet walk home.

If you would like to get involved in surveying Winter Thrushes, or any of the other excellent BTO projects, you can visit their website.

A few more pics from yesterday. Have a close look at the first picture and let me know if you see anything other than more Redwing…


Anything other than Redwings here?


Counting Crows


A brief close-up

???????? ????????

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