Time for Owen Paterson to say goodbye?

I spent much more of last year  wanted talking ‘politics’, what with a series of catastrophic decisions emanating from the government, their puppets at DEFRA, and the poor, bullied folks at Natural England. I really hoped this year would be different, that we’d get some good news, but here we are just 5 days into 2014 and Paterson is at it again.

He has now suggested that developers could demolish ancient woodland, as long as they ‘offset’ the damage by plating trees elsewhere. This is astonishingly ignorant.

Hundreds of species depend on mature trees. They cannot live on young saplings, and if they are supposed to wait three-hundred years for the replacements to kick-in, they’ll just go extinct instead. Once again, Paterson’s determination to chase ‘growth’ over-rides any consideration of his office.

His department has tried to roll back from this, but he has form and has suggested it before. Hard not to believe, given their track record, that it remains an ambition.

If you really are sick of this man, we could give the government a warning by signing a petition to have him removed, as has been raised on their own website. It won’t force him out as such, but embarrass a PR man like David Cameron enough and it just might see him shuffled out.

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