Sunny day siskins

With some decent light and a group of fairly trusting birds in the garden, it was worth an attempt at getting some decent pictures.

The most obliging was probably the tamer of our two male blackbirds. He tends to sit in the hedge outside our kitchen window, and seems oddly fascinated by me doing the washing up, sitting watching me closely. But if I go outside and he’s there, he rarely moves off.

He popped down for a feed and happily sat and let me take some photos of him:

???????? ???????? ???????? ????????As you can see from the bottom couple of pictures he’s had a bit of an accident and his left foot is being held very awkwardly. Still, he seems healthy enough and he’s not yielded his territory.

There are a fair few starlings around too, and one decided to use the top of the feeder pole for a bit of posing:

???????? ???????? ????????Sadly the light was entirely the wrong angle to really light up those wonderful iridescent feathers, and he insisted on having his back to me, but I’m pretty happy with the pics anyway.

The Lesser Redpolls were out too, and unlike the pictures the other day you can clearly see the red cap:

????????But the slightest change of angle, and they become a slightly enigmatic ‘little brown job’:

????????On the subject of ‘little brown jobs’, we had our first chaffinch in ages, this little female:

???????? ????????There’s certainly no element of the ‘little brown job’ about the Siskins though, even the streaky little females are a beautiful mix of yellows and greens:

???????????????? ???????? ????????Now I’m content that the birds are content, next sunny day I’ll be out with the tripod to get a bit more stability and, hopefully, some better photos.

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2 Responses to Sunny day siskins

  1. Emily Heath says:

    That blackbird is very handsome.

  2. Mark Goodwin says:

    Some lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

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