Derby Cathedral Peregrines

As I was in Derby I decided to have a quick look at the Peregrine Falcons on Derby Cathedral. Sadly I didn’t have my big camera with me, so these are all snapped with a compact. You can see far better images, and video, on their own blog: Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

So, there is a nest platform that helped encourage the birds to settle, but nothing was visible from ground level:

Nest platform

Nest platform

But we soon spotted one of the adult birds up above:

Distant falcon, ringed for guidance!

Distant falcon, ringed for guidance!

When he later took off (for the neighbouring Jury’s Inn hotel), we realised he actually had prey with him there, a pigeon. You may just make it out in this blurry zoomed image:


We moved a little closer, soon spotting the other adult higher up:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This also allowed a slightly better shot of the other bird, just before he/she headed for the hotel for lunch:

IMG_0445 IMG_0441

I heartily recommend you go check these wonderful birds out if in Derby. If not, at least check the webcams on their blog.


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