Pied Wagtails in the garden

I had a little surprise the other day when a Pied Wagtail with a single juvenile dropped briefly into the garden. As common as these birds are today, I still find them quite rare in gardens.

Sadly the weather made it difficult to get a good picture, but you can see them here:


We’re now seeing plenty of baby birds, with the previously mentioned bullfinches, plus Goldfinches, Sparrows and Starlings.


Our bold blackbird with the damaged foot is still around and thriving.


His rival isn’t in great shape either now, having had some form of accident either with a rival or with a predator meaning he now carries his right wing slightly by his side. But he’s alive and can still fly, so he’s doing okay.

The bullfinch males have become tamer than I’ve ever encountered before, and with a little patience it’s possible to watch them from mere feet away. I say patience is required, but sometimes they arrive next to you when you are not looking!

The garden is in great shape, so later this week I’m going to post flowers and bees.

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