A Migrant Hawker… And a couple of valuable lessons

I love it when you get lucky with wildlife. I often talk about the good stuff you can see in your garden, and I had a good example this morning when I spotted a dragonfly posing beautifully on a Sea Holly.

I grabbed a couple of photos on my mobile phone just so I had something, then went in and grabbed my camera. I came out, took twenty odd photos, and went in happy I had some good shots.

Now, a couple of times the camera had frozen claiming it hadn’t written to the card properly. But as most seemed to have worked fine I hadn’t worried about it. So I was very unhappy when every picture just gave me this screen:


Not a dragonfly…

Every picture… gone. Two possibilities went through my mind. The card was corrupt, or the camera was broken. One annoying but fairly insignificant, the other expensive and worrisome.

I loaded up my spare memory card and went back outside; the dragonfly was still there. Quietly crossing my fingers I got back in position and took more photos…

A dragonfly!

A dragonfly!

Happily, it was just the card, not the camera.

The dragonfly sat there a while as I took a few more photos:


When I finished, I found myself drawn to actually say “thanks for hanging on” to the dragonfly, who promptly flew away! But I had my photos.

I then tweeted an image stating it was an Azure Hawker, without bothering to check. As soon as I did turn to a reference book, I realised it was a Migrant Hawker, and had to delete the original tweet.

So, the lessons that can be taken from this story:

  1. Don’t ignore error messages on your equipment
  2. Always have a spare memory card
  3. Always check your IDs unless you are 100% certain, and…
  4. Always thank the subjects when you are done!
"I'm ready for my close-up Mr De Mille..."

“I’m ready for my close-up Mr De Mille…”

With a tiny frog last weekend and more dragonflies this, I’m quite certain it would be valuable building a pond in the garden next year. So that’ll add a fun task to blog about!

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2 Responses to A Migrant Hawker… And a couple of valuable lessons

  1. Mark Goodwin says:

    Nice blog David. Not sure if this helps or not. But firstly, SanDisk do a free piece of software for rescuing damaged files, you never know you may be able to resurrect the disk? Secondly, and once again you may already be doing this, Whenever I re0insert the card into the camera I always format it before starting to shoot.
    Love the pics BTW.

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