New Earswick Nature Reserve – Windmill, Water Pump, and an Offensive Smell

I posted last week about the history of the site, and how it used to be a brick pit. There’s little sign of this industrial history now, but there is one feature remaining:

???????????????????????????????This is actually the footing of a windmill, which drove a pump for keeping the clay pit from filling with water while it was still being worked. Having shut down in 1933, residents in 1936 began to notice an unpleasant smell coming from the pond. Remarkably, this wasn’t stagnant water. Rowntree’s had dumped a load of waste gums into the pit, which had fermented! The pump was called into action again, the pond was drained, and then cleared. The smell was gone.

Today the pond remains full, though as it has no running water supply the level is at the mercy of droughts.

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