Get Involved – National Nestbox Week

If anybody has followed this blog from the early days, or has gone back and read some of my other posts, you may well know that one of my aims was to get more people taking an interest in the natural world. While I hope my posts about the stuff I’ve been doing may encourage others, I’ve not actually made any direct posts on the subject for a while. So the next few posts will.

I’m kicking off today with National Nestbox Week.

Wren, exploiting an old martin nestI actually feel a tad hypocritical on this one, as while I have always had nestboxes up in previous houses, I’ve still got none here. However, we’ve had wrens in an old house martin nest, and blackbirds and robins look at natural sites in the hedges (though with no success so far).

But I have plans for more. I’m aiming to put some House Sparrow ‘lodges’ under the eaves. We have House Sparrows in the area, so I’d like to encourage them in.

Baby House Sparrows, Leeds

Baby House Sparrows, Leeds

I had planned to put an open-fronted nestbox in for Robins/Wrens this year, but there are a pair of blackbirds looking at the exact spot and I don’t want to discourage them.

We’ve got nestboxes for Tits in the shed, but no good spots for them as of yet, so they have to wait.

Baby starling

Baby starling

So while excusing myself, I would heartily encourage you to look at creating good nesting sites yourself, whether through nestboxes (bought or made), or natural nest locations. There’s plenty of good information out there, for example in this BTO guide. So survey your own garden/yard/house and see what you can do!

Baby bullfinches

Baby bullfinches

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