Heslington Lake

I spent a lot of time last year blogging about the various birds around Heslington Lake. I’m not going to devote quite so much time to it this year, but it’s still good to get an update.


One of three chicks


Mum (or Dad) busy with the fishing

The Great-Crested Grebes are back and have launched brood one already. Whereas this time last year they had the one chick and were moving towards brood two, this year they have all three chicks looking hale and hearty. As such, I suspect brood two will be much later.

Baby coot wondering where everybody has gone

Baby coot wondering where everybody has gone

Plenty of coot chicks around, but not so many moorhen or mallard. The few mallard ducklings I saw seemed to have been abandoned, so it’s no surprise they are nowhere to be seen a week later. The Barnacle Geese have goslings, but that’s about it.

The most interesting thing is that a male mallard and female pochard are paired up and now parading a couple of ducklings around. Ducks hybridise quite a bit, and following on from the goose hybrid we’ve discussed before, it’ll be interesting to see what these two look like if they reach adulthood.

Baby bunny

Baby bunny

Rabbits are looking healthy after a bit of myxomatosis the last couple of years. I see one kit every morning, sitting in the same spot.

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