30 Days Wild – Day 1 – Wild is the word

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_01Not the most glamorous of starts. I had planned to start the thirty days with a full trip and field report for the blog, but the weather forecast was not promising.

Sure enough, the combination of wind and rain wiped out any elaborate plans. So I settled for a simpler start, a count of the birds in the garden of an evening.

While the wind and rain is bad for us being out, it tends to drive the birds in. So we had half-a-dozen House Sparrows, all being bullied by the two blackbirds who don’t want to share the hedge in which they are nesting.

There were also five Goldfinches, but no chicks as of yet.

Four Great Tits, three of which are chicks, and one Blue Tit.

One, possibly two, Great-spotted Woodpeckers.

Two baby Starlings, which were pretty much left to fend for themselves from yesterday and view the garden as a safe and reliable spot.

One Dunnock.

I promise not to do anything this basic again, I’ve set myself the aim of never repeating an activity in the thirty days, and I’ve used my safety card on day one!

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2 Responses to 30 Days Wild – Day 1 – Wild is the word

  1. Nothing wrong with doing something simple. With a day full of conference calls, updating documents etc. I had no time at all. So I took the phone outdoors and watched the bees on one of our flowering shrubs while on one of the calls.

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