30 Days Wild – Day 2 – An unexpected visitor

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_02Another day where activity is confined to the garden, but for much more enjoyable reasons than yesterday.

I’d actually got another post planned when I noticed one of our Great Spotted Woodpeckers acting very erratically, very hyperactive, very vocal.

It became clear why when a second woodpecker burst into the garden. But this one hadn’t really mastered the basics of anything ‘woodpeckery’, and simply flew around the garden trying to land on and hammer anything it could, including a length of cane and a metal pole!

Mum was with it, but so wild was junior that she seemed at times to lose track of him.

Mum on the left. Sharp eyes might just spot junior...

Mum on the left. Sharp eyes might just spot junior…

She was collecting food from the fat cake to feed her youngster up, but he was too busy wandering.

"I have snacks..."

“I have snacks…”

But eventually she found him.

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSCHe was also soon into the swing as a woodpecker too, and happily hung around for a fair while exploring.

SONY DSCSo there we have it, Day 2 and a bonus in that I’ve never had a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker in any garden before.

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4 Responses to 30 Days Wild – Day 2 – An unexpected visitor

  1. Stephanelli says:

    That’s so lovely! You must have been so excited when you saw the little one! Great photos of them as well! I hope they keep visiting your garden so you can keep us updated on how little woodpecker grows up!

  2. Emily Scott says:

    Wonderful. I tried but couldn’t see Junior in the top photo.

    • David says:

      If you blow the image up and look to the far right of the picture, you can spy the red cap through the foliage. You can also make the black and white of his tail out.

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