30 Days Wild – Day 6 – Metronomic Mayflies

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06Apologies for the day delay on this post, just ran out of time yesterday.

I spent much of Saturday tidying up in the garden, which brought me close to a lot of wildlife, especially the assorted bee species we have visiting the lavender and the alliums amongst others.

But when making some adjustments to an ever-expanding hollyhock, I also found a couple of Mayflies. These were quite dull, suggesting they were what’s called the ‘subimago’ stage, a flighted stage between the water-dwelling nymph and the true adult. That would also explain why they were hiding in the shade of the hollyhock to avoid predation.

Later in the day, and on into Sunday, adults could be seen engaged in their nuptial dance, a metronomic power up, followed by a fall under gravity, repeated over and over.

We don’t have any water in the garden (yet), but there’s a river 30-40m away. Even so, I was surprised to see this happening in the garden. There only seemed to be a couple of individuals and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were unsuccessful in attracting a mate. Which is unfortunate as the males only get a day or so to mate before they die.

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