30 Days Wild – Day 8 – An Ode to Woodland

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08One of my favourite habitats is woodland.

There is something about the tranquillity that can descend in a wood, even if it’s close to roads and busy built up areas.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Spring/Summer as it is now, and the trees are thick with glorious green foliage.


Dappled light

Or Autumn with its riot of colours through reds and oranges and yellows, like the space is on fire. Even in the deep of winter when the trees are bare against a grey and snow-filled sky. It’s always a beautiful environment.

Each of those seasons brings its own quality of light to the experience within a wood.

The noise is something special too. At times a cacophony of overlapping sounds from which you struggle to pick out tits, warblers, blackbirds, robins, and various corvids. You pick a song or a call and tune in, trying to find the source. The bird could be sitting next to you and you still might not hear it.

Alarm calls break out, a sudden harsh chatter after the song. Then, with no warning, silence descends. A change in the wind or the pass of a predator sends everything into a hush. A stillness descends. You feel it, you share it. You may even catch yourself holding your breath.

So much art, poetry and writing has been inspired by these places. It’s no surprise. Regardless of your personal beliefs, or even lack of, natures most wondrous spaces evoke a spirituality and sense of the profound.

Wherever you are, at some point this month, find a woodland and stand stock still for 5 minutes. Be quiet. Listen. Tune out the human world, tune in nature. You’ll thank me for the experience.


If you are a fan of our woodlands, it’s well worth considering joining The Woodland Trust.

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