30 Days Wild – Day 14 – When wildlife fails

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_14I should know better, I really should.

Yesterday, after a few ‘wordy’ posts, I half-promised something more exciting today. That something was York’s resident Peregrine Falcons, which I’ve been meaning to go photograph for a while.

Every time I’ve passed the nest site in the past two months, I’ve seen at least one of the birds. So I had no reason to assume I wouldn’t see them this time. But despite three passes over the course of four hours, I saw not a jot. Not a feather. Heard not a single cry.

Now, I’m not worried by this as bad weather is likely to mean one adult travelling further for food, and one adult tucked well down on the nest. I’ll have another look one evening.

So, today’s moment of wildness? A reminder that wild animals don’t perform to a schedule, and will always behave like wild birds.

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