30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Garden Life

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17Life continues in the garden.

After the drama earlier this year, the Blackbirds have built a new nest and, over the past two days, have started taking food in, suggesting new chicks. Hopefully they’ll have a slightly more serene path into fledging, but with the volume of cats locally, along with the magpies, we can’t be sure.

20150615_195227It’s not just the blackbirds that have been productive. The first baby goldfinch has appeared, looking scruffy and streaky, no real indication of the elegant adults they will become. Only one so far but that usually means the flock will rapidly grow to twenty or more in the next couple of weeks. Good job I’ve plenty of food in!

We’ve also suddenly got a bullfinch back this week. Just the male. The bullfinches never seem to be a year-round bird like the goldfinches, like the various tits, the blackbirds. We see them only at specific times of year. Really wet spring days. Really harsh winter days. And spring/summer, around the point their chicks hatch. So hopefully, like last year, this precedes a brief flurry of baby bullfinch visits.

On the right you can see the largest of our foxgloves, or multi-storey bee-feeding stations as they mainly function here. This largest plant has now passed two metres, standing 2m 21cm last time I measured it (7 feet and 3 inches if you prefer Imperial). It’s around a metre taller than any other foxglove, and the tallest plant in the garden bar hedges and climbers.

What’s remarkable is it stands perfectly straight without any staking, whereas all the others have a significant lean. We’ll be collecting seeds from it as it’s presumably excellent stock!

It’s hugely popular with the half-dozen bee species we have around, and the bumblebees don’t even bother flying between individual flowers now, simply climbing drunkenly from one to another.

Foxgloves can get to about 2.5m so we’ll see if it keeps going.

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3 Responses to 30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Garden Life

  1. johnswin says:

    Thanks David, some interesting insights into your garden visitors, I’ll need to pay more attention to our visitors to keep up with you, as well as referring regularly to my Northern hemisphere bird and insect identification charts.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to watch. And hope the blackbirds do ok. We get feral cats and are beginning to see more magpies but the birds hide themselves from us too.

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