30 Days Wild – Day 22 – A bevy of blackbirds

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_22I try to get into work early, before 8am, as that usually gives the best chance of seeing some wildlife around campus before things get busy. It’s not that the wildlife stops after 9, just that it gets more cautious.

Sure enough, today had a couple of surprises.

The first was a family of blackbirds foraging behind my building.

No, two families.

No, wait, make that three.

Seven adults, ten fledglings. All in the same space of grass, next to a few trees. This from a normally territorial bird. I can only assume there was some great natural bounty to be had there.

Also, not for the first time, I was surprised by how tame the younger rabbits are. On this occassion one paused in the middle of washing itself, looked at me standing two feet away, then simply resumed as if I was no threat. Obviously I am no threat, but rabbits are usually so skittish.

Day22’s lesson? Get up and get out.

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