A kestrel or a bookworm?

On my way into work I wander up round the back of the university library. It can be a very rewarding walk as there is a little bank covered in wildflowers, and I often see rabbits there.

20150507_160437Earlier this week though I saw a kestrel head overhead and perch on the corner of the building.

20150706_075301Unfortunately I don’t tend to have a camera with me, so it’s just these distant shots with the phone.

I figured when I went up the steps to be level with him, he’d soon take flight. But he actually sat there pretty relaxed, like he was pondering which books to take out.

20150706_075501He did eventually move, but only about 5-10m along the roof.

20150706_075604So, shortly after 30 Days Wild came to an end, yet another reminder to be aware. I need to start taking the compact camera with me just in case!

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