30 Days Wild – Final Thoughts

30DAYSWILD_ID3 blackIt was ineviatble I’d have a spell in the 30 days where the course of life took me away from the blogging, but it was a real shame that dip came so close to the end.

It was also unfortunate not to do two or three of the things I’d hoped to do, but they are still things I’ll do.

I hope The Wildlife Trusts make this an annual event. I think it’s something that could grow and expand.

Ultimately, we need to be thinking #Wild365 instead, but making that effort for a month, even if it’s just making you think, look, feel, listen, to the nature around you a little bit more, that will embed the notion of the wild world we share in people.

I’ve enjoyed it, I hope people have enjoyed reading what I’ve written. If you only came here for 30 Days Wild, please do stay as I blog all year round!

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One Response to 30 Days Wild – Final Thoughts

  1. Emily Scott says:

    Well said. Nature can bring so much joy to our lives.

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