Caption competition! It’s a caption competition!

When I took this photo at Fairburn Ings yesterday, my first thought was “Well, the caption writes itself”. But then I realised there were too many options.

So I thought I’d see what happens if I open it up to any and all.

The rules are simjple. This is open till Wednesday 18th November at 5pm. At that point, the best caption suggested in the comments section on this page (not via social media etc), will win. You can enter as many times as you like.

If there are more than ten individual entries (i.e. ten different people, not one person having ten attempts), I’ll even spring for a prize. A very nice nature-themed book. It’ll be a new copy of something I really love (Wildwood by Roger Deakin).

I don’t think any post I’ve made has ever had ten comments, so if you want to win, you’ll need to make sure other people have a go too!

So here is the picture. Honestly, it’s a gift:

Your words here!

Your words here!

Whatever I judge to be the best wins, be it the funniest, the smartest, the wittiest, or whatever. Good luck!

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6 Responses to Caption competition! It’s a caption competition!

  1. Lynn Doe says:

    What do you mean i can’t land here? Can you not see the bandage on my leg?

  2. elaine norrie says:

    Im everyones messanger whether you are on wheels or legs i only see the person in front of me

  3. lynn savage says:

    Don’t judge my reason to use this pole, not all disabilities can be seen

  4. notso says:

    Take advantage of our Christmas offer: a free Robin with every disabled parking pass.

  5. notso says:

    Birders complain about preferential twitching positions being given to disabled birders. “Even if it is just a Robin, it’s still an example of positive discrimination gone mad!”

  6. notso says:

    It can take months to train a Robin to recognise a blue badge, but it really helps us cut down on illegal parking.

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