Amidst life and death

I was once in an exhibition in a plain white room.

The room was home to an art installation in which projectors ran a deceptively simple programme in which words were projected in tiny type across every surface, thousands upon thousands of tiny words moving randomly and independently of one and other. Dancing across walls, floor and ceiling. Dancing across the bodies of visitors.

Look closer and there are just five actual words though: male; female; child; food; death.

Where male and female met, a child appeared.

If a male or female went too long without touching food, or if they met with death, they stopped then faded. It was an extraordinary experience. At first random, yet patterns would emerge and then fade. You would get clusters of children, or food, or death. Chaos Theory in action.

While simplified, it still represents the experience of standing in any natural environment, be it forest or field, land or water. You are surrounded by life old and new, by food, and by death. What is food and what is life and what is death are all dependent on the perspective of the observer.

Last year I spent a lot of time focusing on sound. Sound too can be seen as all about life and death. I need a mate. I have a mate. I’m looking for food. I’ve found food. I’m keeping food. Please don’t let me become food!

This is “nature, red in tooth and claw”. That doesn’t mean there is nothing but brutal struggle in life, just the fundamentals can be so boiled down.

This year when out and about we will all be surrounded by this balance between life and death. What patterns will emerge?

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