Wild birds and tame birds (with Treecreeper video)

When I was younger I had my own rules for classifying wildlife, in addition to all the official ways detailed in my books. I’ll give you an example.

The birds I saw in common human-dominated places like gardens, parks, picnic areas, were all ‘tame’. Everything else was ‘wild’. Wild birds were not tame, and didn’t come near people.

But as I’ve gotten older I’ve of course realised this isn’t true. There are plenty of individuals amongst my old ‘tame’ birds that are skittish and avoid human contact, even the supposedly friendly ones like robins. Similarly, I’ve seen plenty of normally flighty birds like waders and woodpeckers that can be entirely relaxed. Enough regular human contact can make anything at ease, even the most nervy of birds, such as bullfinches.

The first bird that taught me this was a Treecreeper. Walking home from school one day when I was 11 or 12, a Treecreeper appeared beside me, on a tree between a busy pavement and an even busier road. I assumed I’ve I stopped and looked, it would take flight. But no, it carried on with its business looking for food. You can read a little more on this impressive bird HERE.

This all came to mind this lunchtime when I passed a tree by the lake with a treecreeper moving up it. Again I stopped, again the bird was blasé. I moved to within a couple of feet, and all it did was fly to the base and start up the trunk again, unconcerned by the fact I could have reached out and grabbed it.

Obviously I didn’t do that, but I did grab my phone and take a little bit of video footage. Apologies for that horrible phone aspect ratio and the shaking brought on by an icy wind. It was, incidentally, the most vocal treecreeper I’ve encountered, but you won’t be able to tell as there is a lot of very noisy construction underway at the university right now.

It’s only about 40 seconds, so it won’t take much of your time, certainly far less than the bird itself, covering Everest heights of climbing every week!

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2 Responses to Wild birds and tame birds (with Treecreeper video)

  1. A very noisy tree Creeper!

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