30 Days Wild – Day 6 – Eden Project

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06Day 6 took me to The Eden Project, a series of managed landscapes including two gigantic sealed biomes. So, surely, a habitat bonanza lay ahead?

_DSC5894 (1024x232)

Looking across the site

With meadow and heath, farmland, mediterranean wood and even tropical rainforest at Eden it would be easy to cheat at this point and knock off six or seven of my thirty habitat challenge. But I’m going to be honest and focus on one thing, the intrusion of wildness into ‘managed’ human spaces. I will incidentally do a proper post on The Eden Project in the future as it deserves it. But that isn’t today.

_DSC5991 (1024x670)

Throughout the site wild birds have made the artificial habitats their home. On the now-wooded edges of the quarry, a Buzzard was soaring, mobbed by crows and jays.

_DSC6087 (1024x922)

Robins, Dunnocks, Blackbirds and Chaffinches are all constantly around. This is inevitable when you are at an outdoor cafe, but when you go in the domes you still find these birds have set up home.

_DSC6066 (1024x682)

The mediterranean biome

This still isn’t a shock in the temperate mediterranean biome, but I was surprised to still see blackbirds in the tropical rainforest. The atmosphere was hot and humid and really shouldn’t suit them. But there they were.

_DSC6111 (1024x681)

There was a further surprise with a Grey Wagtail wandering through, quite happy and well adjusted. Grey Wagtails live around fast-flowing water, so actually the biome is well-suited.

_DSC6098 (1024x969)

There was one other bird in the biome, and at first we thought it was a migrant like a Garden Warbler.

_DSC6203 (1024x681)

Mystery bird…

But as soon as we got a clear look it was clear this wasn’t a domestic species.In fact it was a bird introduced deliberately to aid pest control in the tropical biome; Pale-Bellied White-Eye. A truly gorgeous little bird.

_DSC6214 (1024x634)_DSC6228 (749x1024)

And since we’re on introduced birds, we should mention these Roul-Roul Partridge.

_DSC6173 (1024x780)

So that’s that.I will, probably after 30 Days Wild, write something more thorough on Eden as it deserves it. For now, we’ll end on a view across the rainforest canopy.

_DSC6245 (1024x254)

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2 Responses to 30 Days Wild – Day 6 – Eden Project

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  2. I love that you featured Eden as part of your 30 days wild. I used to work on site until December so it was lovely to see your pictures and read your views. The white-eyes are certainly beautiful in person!

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