30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Rooks at Heligan

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08Sorry, it’ll be a brief one today, then a break for a few days. But we have a behavioural treat today…

Technical problems are making it very difficult to write good posts while I’m away, so rather than bodge it I’m going to just delay Day 8 proper, and days 9-12. But they will all happen, and will all appear Day 12 or 13.

I was at the wonderful Lost Gardens of Heligan today. There’s lots to share from there at a later date, but for today I have a little video.

Feeders are designed for small perching birds like sparrows. But a highly intelligent corvid like a Rook isn’t going to easily be stopped. They have figured out here in Heligan how to cling to the feeders. One has learnt, and the others now copy him/her.

Pay close attention to their feet and how they position them to get some semblance of balance.

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