30 Days Wild – Day 10 – Rooftops

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_10I’m a big believer in keeping an eye out in urban areas, and the rooftops of Cornwall were dominated by one thing… baby gulls.

Herring Gull chick

Herring Gull chick

Everywhere we went there were Herring Gulls, and occasionally Great Black-Backed Gulls, nesting on rooftops. Not just the industrial estates we’d noted on the journey down, but most domestic dwellings too, especially in St Ives.

We have plenty or urban gulls here in York, but we don’t see the same domestic nesting arrangements!

For us, it was a treat. I suspect not so fun for the residents with messy and noisy birds on their outbuildings.

As with most places with large gull populations, there are now warning notices up, and on the Thursday we did have an encounter with gulls that would divebomb you to try snatch food from your hand. We were alert and covered up, so avoided any trouble. But I can see how it would unnerve others.

However, we must remember most gull species are declining. The occasional snatched chip is a small price to pay.

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