30 Days Wild – Day 18 – Magpies

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_18Today was spent indoors, but allowed observation of our local magpies.They are an unusual group. Two pairs, but not obviously pairs in a breeding sense. In fact, all four behave a lot like babies with a wide range of vocalisations and wing-flapping. I suspect they are last year’s young birds, possibly now bonded for breeding next year, but still sexually immature.

The two pairs are pretty openly hostile and it’s not uncommon to find feathers strewn across the lawn from their fights. The garden appears to be a territorial boundary. The biggest issue with their fighting is it leaves them vulnerable, especially to a single crow that has taken against them all.

They are all far more confident around people than most magpies and will come down while we are in the garden.

They are otherwise skittish, and don’t have the confidence to take on many other birds.

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