Mystery remains – The answer

Feathers and bones

Feathers and bones

Yesterday I posted this picture and asked people what they thought this used to be.

Quite a few people went for birds of prey, based I expect on the hooked tip of the beak. It’s a decent shout. But it’s also quite a long beak, and if you look at the skull of buzzards, sparrowhawks etc the bill is hooked, but shorter and almost a little stubby.

So we’re on a bird that’s about half a metre long with a wingspan of about three-quarters of a metre.

The feathers rule out things like crows, and the bill rules out pigeons. Brown and yellow striped flight feathers.

It’s the remains of a female pheasant.

Congratulations to Amy Schwartz who nailed the ID within about five minutes of my posting it, and commiserations to the rest of you.

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