Get Wild About Gardens

The total acreage of UK gardens exceeds that of all the nature reserves combined. So just imagine if all 15 million were managed to give a bit of assistance to struggling wildlife. That’s the idea behind Wild About Gardens.


For 2016 the theme is ‘bats’. We do have some local bats in our area, and we see them over the garden from dusk between spring and autumn. What I still haven’t done is identify them, as they are bigger than our most common bat, the pipistrelle. A job for 2017.

It may seem strange to think of gardening for the benefit of bats, but as they are insectivores your garden planting is a key part of their life. Plant things that attract the right sorts of insects, you create a food source. And where there is prey, predators may soon follow.

This can be very beneficial for your garden too, given that many of the insects they eat are garden pests. There are a whole load of videos and other resources on the website.

While my garden is pretty good in terms of plants for insects, spaces for insects and mammals to hide, there are areas I know I need to improve. As such, there are two changes coming.

The first is I will be adding roosting and nesting spaces for birds. That’s a relatively easy job and will happen this weekend.

The second is a bigger task, and will start next spring. I’m putting in a wildlife pond. It’s going to be a long-term project, and I will be documenting every step along the way on this blog, with photos and videos. We tend to see the odd lost frog wandering through the garden, so they need a home. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and it should prove an interesting challenge.

Please do visit the Wild About Gardens website and see what you can do, no matter where you live.


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