Kilnsea Wetlands Nature Reserve

_dsc9068-1280x1271It’d be easy to miss Kilnsea and the other assorted sites that fringe Spurn, focusing just on that dramatic peninsula. But we popped in on our way back from Spurn last week, to discover mainly sleepy waders.Kilnsea Wetlands is a nature reserve run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, just a mile from the car park at Spurn. We didn’t walk the full reserve and lagoon as the sun was setting, but we had a quick look from the hide onto the first pool.


There were plenty of birds there, but most had their heads firmly set in their backs as they roosted. Mainly Redshank, Dunlin, Curlew, and Lapwing.



There was also that staple of wetlands, the Little Egret. We’ve mentioned this before but it’s astonishing how quickly these elegant white herons have settled into the UK. Just ten years ago it would be a noteworthy to see one. Today it’s noteworthy if you don’t see a few.

Sure enough there were three or four patrolling the shallows here.

Little Egrets

Little Egrets

It’s interesting to compare their hunting tactic to that of the Grey Heron. While that latter bird specialises in patient ambush, the Little Egrets are highly active chasing small fish and other food through the margins of the pool.

Little Egret on the hunt

Little Egret on the hunt

In the background you can see three Wigeon, and these and Mallards were also present on the reserve.

Next time I visit, tides permitting, I might start here just to give it the proper attention.

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