A calm and quiet blackbird

????????I grabbed this quick snippet of video on Monday, after investigating some very low yet complex bird sounds. See what you think.

It isn’t very easy to hear as it’s shot from a mobile phone and the bird was being very quiet. But if you turn the volume up you should hear some faint bird chatter. That was coming from this male.

I fully expected when I bent down to find the source of the sound that it would stop, but he sat there very calmly. He didn’t flinch as I got my phone out to take this twenty second video either.

If I happen across him again I’ll just try for the sound recording as that may be clearer.

If anyone has a theory why he was, apparently, talking quietly to himself, I’d love to hear it.

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I welcome thoughts, comments and questions, so please feel free to share anything at all. Thanks, David

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