The local patch in December

_dsc9613-649x1280The garden has been pretty busy, but broadly speaking it seems to be pretty quiet round New Earswick and up the river._dsc9346-1280x852

The feeders have been loaded with finches over the past month or so, with 20-30 Goldfinches and Greenfinches in a flock regularly dropping in. Two male Bullfinches have also been a common sight.

Unsurprisingly the fat cakes remain popular with Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits, with Coal Tits rarer. On occasion the tits will be accompanied by two Goldcrests, including on Christmas Day morning (which was a nice birthday present for me!).


The Magpies and Wood Pigeons still tend to hoover up any food we put out on the lawn, though if we throw chopped apple out the Blackbirds like to get that first. Numbers there have settled down too after the autumnal flurry.

There are two Dunnocks, at peace, and two Robins, at war. No real surprise there.

The local Crows and Black-headed Gulls pass by, but never drop down to eat.

Into the woods there is an abundance of Grey Squirrel, and Foxes are regularly heard but not yet seen. The same goes for the Tawny Owls.


Not much else around at the moment. Hopefully the colder weather may draw in Siskin or Redpoll.

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