The Big Garden Birdwatch 2017 – Are you ready?

_dsc9256-1280x852It’s that time of year again when we stare in frustration into our gardens, cursing the absence of birds that were there only five minutes beforehand and will inevitably return five minutes after we finish. The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

The feeders have all been freshly cleaned in preparation so it now remains to see what drops in.

The winner - Will they make it four years in 2017?

The winner – Will they make it four years in 2017?

After last year’s rather disastrous experiment with remote photography, this year I will be back to the tried and tested ‘sit at the window with a cup of tea’ approach.

Like last year, the Siskins are the big unknown factor as I write this. They are in the area, as yesterday’s blogpost explained. They are also joining the Goldfinches in the big tree used as the traditional approach to the feeders, but as of yet have not come down. But with this week seeing some cold and frosty weather, might that push them our way? We’ll have to see.


Starlings have been the clear winners every one of the previous three years in this garden, will this continue in 2017? It’s by no means certain as they have not been in the garden in anything like such large numbers so far, with Goldfinches far more common. So the title could be under threat. It’s all very exciting.

As usual I will have my personal results up at some point on Sunday.


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