National Nest Box Week 14-21 February

Next week is National Nest Box Week, something the British Trust for Ornithology have been promoting for around twenty years now, and a simple way you can help wildlife.

The point of National Nest Box Week is to get nest boxes up in time for the breeding season, and really 14-21 February is your last chance. Many birds will have staked out potential nest sites last Autumn.

But it’s never too late, even a box unused this year may provide roosting opportunities, or a home for a young pair breeding late. Nest boxes are critical, because much of our landscape management has reduced the availability of natural nest sites. As such, every box you can put up will help.

You can try encourage all manner of birds depending on your garden, from tits and robins up to swifts and owls, it all depends what sort of space you are working with.

I’ve deliberately put this up a week early to encourage you to go buy/make a nest box in advance.

There are plenty of tips online, so I will just urge you to take part. Learn more HERE.

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